Regardless of location* or size of operation, SY Pumps offer a comprehensive service to manage your sewage and essential water needs.

We tailor our service to complement your timescales as well as being well positioned to react to any unplanned needs (emergency service requests, for example). Our fleet is fitted with the latest in technical support which means that we know the exact location of our team, are able to contact them quickly and efficiently and also feed information back to clients promptly and regularly, ETAs for example.

* with the exception of Scotland

Welfare SY Pumps Lorry

SY Pumps utilise a specialised fleet, based primarily around 3.5tonne and 7.5tonne sized vehicles for ease of access on site and around more populated areas.

Our 26 tonne vehicles are utilised for large quantity water tank fills and effluent tank empties. SY Pumps can offer (where possible) same-day servicing, timed servicing (AM or PM)

In Brief

  • Support to implement preventative measures against blockages, overflows and foul smells.
  • Ad-hoc and pre-planned maintenance options.
  • 24 hour emergency response team.
  • Specialised, multi-option fleet (3.5 tonnes to 26 tonnes).
  • Additional services including same-day servicing and timed servicing.


In addition to our welfare tanker service, we can also offer supplementary water IBC tanks and effluent tanks on a weekly hire basis.

What is an IBC?

Intermediate bulk containers (IBC) are reusable industrial containers, which are designed for the safe transportation and storage of bulk liquids. They are stackable containers, mounted on a pallet that is designed to be moved using a forklift or pallet jack.


  • Capacity - 1000L (220 gallon) capacity
  • Dimensions - 1,200 x 1,000 x 1,160 (L x W x H)
  • Bottom Outlet - 50mm (2 inch) integrated butterfly valve - S60x6 male thread
  • Top Inlet - 150mm (6 inch) non-vented cap
  • Steel pallet - Strong and durable
  • BPA Free
  • Tamper evident seals
  • Stackable design
Welfare Quarry IBC Tank Large
Welfare Quarry Effluent Tank

What is an Effluent Tank?

Above ground effluent tanks or sewage effluent holding tanks are suitable for temporary effluent waste storage installations where connection to a mains sewer isn’t available. Other uses for these tanks include sites in remote locations, motorway construction sites, camping, glamping and events. S Y Pumps offer two sizes of tanks; 750 gallon (3,500 litres) capacity and 1,000 gallon (4,500 litres).


  • Capacity – 750 gallon (3,500 litres) & 1,000 gallon
    (4,500 litres)
  • Dimensions – 12’x8’x16″ (750 gallon) & 12’x8’x21″
    (1,000 Gallon)
  • 4×5” Inspection Lid (to prevent spillages and odour)
  • Convenient lifting eyes